How to Help Your Students Manage Schoolwork Deadlines

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By Janet S. Fox, author ofGet Organized Without Losing It (Revised & Updated Edition)

How to Help Your Students Manage Schoolwork DeadlinesWhen I was in my early teens, I realized—the night before the project was due—that I’d forgotten to prepare an oral presentation, essay, and poster on a South American country. My mother was furious, I was frantic, and the presentation I put together in the dark of night was a disaster. I don’t remember my exact grade, but I’m sure it was pitiful and I was deeply embarrassed.

This was a true life lesson, and is perhaps one small reason why I love to help kids manage their schoolwork deadlines so they don’t experience such stomach-churning moments. Here are some tips that I hope will help you and your students with the essential skill of time management.

The Tool to Use: A Student Planner
First, I recommend that all students have a personal planner or…

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