Middle School Changeup: Strategies for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Do any of you have a child entering into middle school next year? I do and my other one is already there. It was quite a transition! But never too early to start getting prepared – here are some tips – i especially love #6 – be attentive to your child’s learning style and accommodate accordingly! Mine is a visual learner so I’ll have to make sure to keep that in mind! (It helps that I’m one too:)

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by Janet Fox, Free Spirit author ofGet Organized Without Losing It

janet fox FSP author copyright Free Spirit PublishingThe transition to middle school from elementary school is a huge milestone in a child’s life. It can also be fraught with difficulties, especially if the child in question struggles with organization. Middle school kids are expected to manage assignments on their own, keep lockers, remember books and assignments, move from classroom to classroom without supervision—and for most kids these are new responsibilities that take some adjustment. Can parents and teachers help make this transition easier? You bet.

Here are a handful of strategies designed for the elementary to middle school changeup. Whether you are a parent or teacher, these suggestions may help your struggling kids.

  1. Before school starts in the fall, help your child find and put together a binder with dividers for each subject. As your child brings home papers and homework, teach her how to…

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