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    Back to School Organization

    As I’m trying to get my own life more organized this year, I think of all the parents, tween and teenagers that want this year to be different! In 2017, clutter just seemed to pile up everywhere, on the floor, kitchen table, in front of doors, in bedrooms, living rooms, and then carried on over to school lockers. As a result, they couldn’t find anything, papers got misplaced, ripped or even lost and assignments are forgotten. Stress builds up, panic sets in, kids get overwhelmed and shut down. Parents are praying for an end to all this – and hoping this year grades will go up, papers won’t get lost and assignments will get turned in!

    So I thought I’d share a couple helpful videos to get you started. Trust me, there are plenty out there! But perhaps this will give you a little taste…After all, you just have to get started!! And it all has to do with 4 things: 1) a binder, 2) a color coding system 3) a backpack tag and 4) goals calendar! So here we go –

    1) This first video shows you how to organize your binder and school notebook in two ways: 1) in a traditional 3-ring school binder or 2) a non-traditional binder without rings (more like an accordion organizer)  Check it out here:

    2) This second video gives you great Color Coding ideas!!! I wish I had known this when I was in school – I would have had so much fun with it! But of course, we didn’t have all the cool colorful materials that are out today!  Check it out here:

    3) has some great resources. Here’s a cool little tool – a Backpack Checklist Luggage Tag your kid can put right on his/her backpack (who’d ever think of that??) Check it out here: BackpackChecklistLuggageTags

    4) Finally, a printable Calendar with Goals for each month.  Check the Calendar out here: 

    2018 Goals Calendar A Printable Planner

    ~ Rebecca Muyres, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS