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    FAQ ~ Coaching

    How does coaching differ from therapy? 

    In life coaching, the focus is almost entirely on the present and practical immediate solutions to problems. A client collaborates with a coach to clarify objectives and goals, utilizes multiple assessments to identify personality strengths, talents, abilities and draw on the client’s own internal resources and creativity to create action plans to achieve desired results. A life coach is focused on solutions and a client’s capacity for change. A life coach views the client as already whole when entering the coaching relationship and the starting point as neutral ground. From that point onward, the work is more achievement focused, goal oriented, and action based.

    Therapy, also referred to as counseling or psychotherapy, on the other hand is typically a long-term process in which a client works with a highly trained mental health professional to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings, and sometimes physical responses. Therapists focus on recovering from past traumas, changing cognitive distortions and self-destructive habits, repairing and improving relationships and relieving psychological suffering. Clients bring in mental health concerns that are having a strong negative impact on their level of functioning. Counseling may also involve collaboration with psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors for coordinated treatment and care. With the hope of resolving past issues, maladaptive beliefs and behaviors, clients heal and develop a happier, more stable future.

    How do I schedule a Coaching Session?

    You can schedule a complimentary 15 min coaching consultation by calling us at 770-718-6373 or emailing [email protected] The focus of this time will be to clarify your needs, goals and which type of coaching will fit best for you. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Jeff Muyres can also offer personal training in addition to life coaching, for clients who have a desire to focus on health and fitness goals.

    What is the Cost of Hiring a Coach? 

    30 min Coaching Session – $60

    60 min Coaching Session – $100

    90 min Coaching Session – $150

    Packages are available for a discount.

    What types of Coaching do you currently offer?

    We offer a variety of life coaching specialties including

     – Health and Wellness 

    – Sports Performance 

    – Personal Growth 

    – Self-Confidence

    – Social Skills/Communication

    – Life Transitions 

    – Stress Management

    – School/Work/Life Balance

    – Teenage Boy issues

    – Men’s Issues 

    – Executive Coaching

    – Leadership coaching

    – Organizational Coaching

    – Christian/Biblical Coaching. 

    Feel free to schedule a coaching consultation for any questions or to get started! Contact us at 770-718-6373.