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    FAQ ~ Coaching

    How does coaching differ from therapy? 

    In life coaching, the focus is on the here and now, finding practical solutions to current challenges. The client works alongside the coach to clarify goals, identify strengths, and create action plans using their own resources and creativity. A life coach sees the client as capable of change and views the relationship as starting from a neutral standpoint. The emphasis is on achieving specific objectives and taking action to reach them.

    Therapy, also known as counseling or psychotherapy, is often a longer process where a trained mental health professional helps clients address deep-rooted issues. This can include resolving past traumas, changing harmful thought patterns and behaviors, and improving relationships. Clients typically seek therapy when mental health concerns are significantly impacting their daily functioning. Therapists may collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care. The goal of therapy is to heal past wounds and develop a healthier, more fulfilling future.

    How do I schedule a Coaching Session?

    Call us at 770-648-2500 to schedule an introductory Discovery Session. If you have questions about coaching, you may also call Coach Jeff directly at 770-718-6373 or email him at [email protected]. The focus of the initial session will be to clarify your needs and goals and which type of coaching will fit best for you. We offer health and wellness coaching, sports performance coaching, executive/leadership coaching, and Christian life coaching. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Jeff Muyres can also offer personal training, in addition to life coaching, for clients who have a desire to focus on health and fitness goals. Coach Jeff is not confined to the office and can offer versatile services. 

    What is the Cost of Hiring a Coach? 

    Discovery Session (50 min) – $130 

    Following the Discovery Session, you will collaborate with your Coach to determine the frequency and length of partnership. Your Coach will also discuss packages that are offered at discounted prices. 

    What types of Coaching do you currently offer?

    We offer a variety of life coaching specialties, including

     – Health and Wellness 

    – Sports Performance 

    – Personal Growth 

    – Performance Anxiety

    – Resilience/Growth Mindset

    – Social Skills/Communication

    – Anger Management

    – Stress Management

    – School/College Stress

    – Work/Life Balance

    – Healthy Relationships

    – Boundary Setting

    – Teen Life Issues

    – Men’s Issues 

    – Young Adult Life Transitions

    – Leadership Coaching

    – Christian/Biblical Coaching. 

    Feel free to schedule a coaching consultation for any questions or to get started! Contact us at 770-718-6373.