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    Writings from Kristina Cowan, Writer, Reporter, Editor

    The Quote Above and the writings below belong to someone very dear to our practice – Kristina Cowan. 

    Kristina Cowan is a Writer, Reporter and Editor who focuses on health, women’s issues and education. Kristina has written about everything from America’s education system to 9/11 to women’s issues.  She is the Author of  When Postpartum Packs a Punch: Fighting Back and Finding Joy

    She has written for AOL, Yahoo, PayScale, Harvard University, the Kellogg School of Management, the American Council on Education, Today’s Christian Woman, MJCZone, Huffington Post, and Edward-Elmhurst Health. She also has spoken on the radio and several podcasts. Not only is she a great writer, with an abundance of insight and knowledge to share, but she is passionate for mental health and shares freely from her own difficult experiences in life. 

    For more about her, visit her site at

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    She recently started a publishing house, Redemptive Edge Press, and published her second book under the imprint: When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory. 

    The articles below are pulled from her website ~

    For some of Kristina Cowan’s Other Writings ~ Mental Health, Loss, Grief, Suicide