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  • From Ballet Dreams to Play Therapy: Embracing God’s Plan for My Journey

    My story begins far from the world of therapy, in the picturesque landscapes of France, where I grew up dreaming of becoming a ballerina. My childood was filled with the discipline and beauty of dance as I attended the Conservatoire National de Strasbourg, a prestigious School of Arts, dedicating my heart and soul to ballet. Every pirouette and plié was a step closer to my dream, fueled by a deep love for creativity and expression through movement.

    However, God had other plans for me. During a ballet intensive in Paris, I suffered a back injury that irrevocably changed my path. This moment was a turning point, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It was a reminder that sometimes, our plans are a whisper in the grand symphony of God’s design for our lives. As I faced the reality that my ballet aspirations were no longer feasible, I found myself at a crossroads, searching for a new direction.

    In this time of self-reflection and healing, I discovered another passion that had been quietly growing alongside my love for dance—my fascination with people’s life stories and a genuine desire to help. This realization was like a guiding light, leading me towards a path I had never considered, but that felt just right. I began to see my injury not as an end but as a redirection, a gentle push from God towards a destiny that combined my creative talents with a purpose far greater than I had imagined.

    Embracing this new direction, I found myself drawn to the field of therapy, specifically to the innovative and expressive realm of play therapy. Here, I discovered a space where my artistic background and passion for helping others could intertwine beautifully. Play therapy allowed me to use creative modalities to facilitate healing and understanding, echoing the expressive freedom of ballet but in a profoundly different context.

    The transition from aspiring ballerina to embracing the world of play therapy was a journey of faith and self-discovery. It was about learning to trust in God’s plan, even when it led me away from what I had always believed was my calling. This path has taught me that our gifts and passions are not limited to a single expression; they can adapt, evolve, and find new outlets that align more closely with the impact we are meant to have on the world.

    Now, as I share the transformative power of play with children and their families, I see the hand of God in my journey. Each session is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing that comes from understanding, empathy, and creative expression. My background in the arts, combined with my passion for helping and understanding others, has become the foundation of my work in play therapy.

    This journey from the stages of France to the play therapy rooms has been an unexpected but richly rewarding path. It’s a vivid reminder that God’s plans are often beyond our wildest dreams, guiding us through challenges and changes toward a purpose that utilizes our deepest passions and talents. In embracing the redirections in our lives, we open ourselves up to the beautiful possibilities that lie in trusting God’s path. Here’s to the unexpected turns,  healing, and joy found in the journey.

     Written by  Rebecca Muyres, LPC, CPCS, RPT-S, CCTP